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Cancellations & Refunds

Termination: Early termination fee of $150.00/membership applies. The Licensee shall submit written notice of termination request at least 30 days prior to terminating a membership. An additional monthly membership fee will be charged, if Licensee fails to submit such notice.

No Refunds. There are no refunds of any membership fee(s) or other amount(s) paid in connection with the services provided/offered (including but not limited to all membership offerings/plans).



Personal belongings*

The only folks who are able to leave items on their desks overnight are those who pay for a dedicated desk. Please make sure to take home all of your belongings every night, or they may be moved to lost and found behind the reception desk. If you are interested in renting a locker for an additional fee ($15 / month - based on availability) please contact us.

*The COMPOUND is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property


Phone Etiquette 

In an effort to minimize noise in the main room, please limit phone usage to the conference room or book one of the phone booths using your COBOT membership account. Some other things to remember:

  • Please do not use the speaker phone feature in the open space or in open offices

  • Turn off ringers and alerts while on the floor

  • There are two land lines available for your convenience, one located in the leftmost phone booth and the second is behind the reception desk.




Please note all unlabeled foods will be thrown out every Friday afternoon. If you need something kept for you, please stick a note on it saying, "Please keep until X date." To keep our kitchen neat and tidy, please remember to wash your plate and utensils after use. 



In an effort to assure the health and safety of our staff and members, pets are not permitted.