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We provide a variety of membership options to suit your co-working needs. Below you will find more information and descriptions to help you decide which plan is best for YOU. Relax, take a look around and contact us if you have any questions.

*Monthly memberships include 10 hrs of complimentary Conference Room time per month and access to all amenities provided. For additional time, you can reserve the Conference Room for $35/hour.

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$225 / MONTH

First come, first served seating - This is our most popular option!

Standing desks (stretch those legs!), window facing booths, or seated desks. 

Open desk is great if you like working around other productive people and need to change up your work environment to keep the creativity flowing.




Dedicated Desk

$375 / MONTH

Individual desk reserved as your own work space in a communal environment (for a 1-person team).

With this membership option, you'll get to choose an available work station within our open-concept floor plan. This plan is perfect for anyone who appreciates the predictability and security of returning to the same desk each day. 




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$120 / MONTH 

Access The COMPOUND from 6p - 6a Monday - Friday and enjoy unlimited access on weekends. 

Are you an entrepreneur working a 9 to 5 and burning the midnight oil to run your creative business? Do you work well by moonlight into sunrise?

If yes, the Night Owl membership plan is for you!

*This plan does not include complimentary monthly conference room hours.

*Conference Room may be booked for $35/hour





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$35 / Hour  

accommodates 20 - 25 people

Entertaining a client or need to catch up with your team? Book our Conference Room for an hour or day at a time! 

Our Conference Room is equipped with Apple T.V., a chalk board, chart paper, writing utensils, and chairs. 




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Our Day Passes are perfect for those seeking to get a feel for our space, visiting from out of town or have a project you need to create in a new environment.

For a discounted rate, you'll enjoy all-day access to our amenities.

The following packages are available Mon-Fri from 10a -5p: 

  • Day Pass / $25
  • 5 Day Pass / $100 ($25 savings!)
  • 10 Day Pass / $200 ($50 savings!)

*Remember to check-in when you come! 

*Day Pass offerings expire 2 months after date of purchase.



EDUCATORS & Activists

$150 / MONTH

We support those who pour into us!

Here at The COMPOUND we are proud to have a diverse community of professors, activists, workshop curators, mentors, writers and more. Offering a plan dedicated to those whose work is committed to creating strong communities is important to us. 

Proof is needed, such as:
- ID
- Contract
- Certificate
- Work History / Syllabus / Portfolio




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Additional Person  + $50 / MONTH

Team work makes the Dream work! 

Add your partner to your membership plan for an incremental fee. We support you supporting each other! 

Proof required:

- ID
- Marriage Certificate or License (If married)
- Mail (to show proof of same address) 





Small = $650/month*

Large = $900/month*

*These rates are for single occupancy use

Looking for the perfect space to call your own? Our offices include a desk and chair, but feel free to furnish with your own items to match your style. You will enjoy high ceilings, privacy and access to all of our amenities.

If you would like to share your office, there is a business partner fee of $200/month for each additional person.  

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           *SPECIAL OFFERs



Students enjoy 20% off membership options! 

* Discount does not apply to Day Passes and Night Owl offerings


Work reception at the front desk in exchange for your Compound Cowork Membership - Learn more here

SPace Rental 

Inquire here about renting out our beautiful space for your next private event or party! 



Cancellation policy

Early termination fee of $150.00/membership applies. The Licensee shall submit written notice of termination request at least 30 days prior to terminating a membership. An additional monthly membership fee will be charged, if Licensee fails to submit such notice.