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We provide a variety of membership options to suit your co-working needs. Below you will find photos and descriptions to help you decide which plan is best for you and your business. Relax, take a look around and contact us if you have any questions. 

Memberships include 10 hrs of Conference Room time per month and access to all amenities provided.


1) Open Desk = $225/month
First-come, first-serve seating.

Open Cowork is our most popular co-work option.  

  • Standing desks (stretch those legs!) 
  • Window-facing booths
  • Seated desks

Our Open Cowork plan is great if you like working around other productive people and need to change up your working environment to keep the creativity flowing. 


2) Dedicated Desk = $375/month
Individual desk reserved for your daily use. 

With our Dedicated Desk option you'll have access to all the work stations outlined in the Open CoWork plan above. The difference is you and only you will have access to your desk in the Main Room. This plan is great if you like the security and predictability of returning to the same desk organized your way each day.


3) Night Owl = $120/month
Access from 6pm to 6am on Weekdays and Weekends unlimited (no time limit) only.  

Are you an entrepreneur working a 9 to 5 and burning the midnight oil to run your creative business? Do you work well by moonlight into sunrise? Then the Night Owl membership plan is for you.


4) Private Conference Room  / Meeting Member = $35/hour
Fits 20 - 25 people.

Each member is given allotted time in the Conference Room, but this plan is great if you really just need a place to host different groups of people in a safe and clean space. Choose this plan if you host a weekly program or if you are a teacher in need of a classroom like setting. Room equipped with Apple T.V., a Chalk board, Chart paper, writing utensils, desks and chairs. 


5) Daily Rate & Packages

Our daily rate is designed for those of you who need a few days away from home due to noisy construction, you're visiting from out of town or have a project you need to create in a new environment. Payment is accepted up front for daily use of the space and you will have all-day access to our amenities.

The following packages allows you use of the space at a discounted price. 

  • Day pass / $25
  • 5 -day pack / $100
  • 10-day pack / $200

Remember to Check In when you come! Day Packages expire after 2 months.


6) Educators = $150/month
We support those who pour into us, the knowledge we need to go forward!

Here at the COMPOUND we currently have numerous professors, teachers of all trades, workshop curators, mentors and writers. Having a plan dedicated to the people who are selfless with their time and helps us in many ways seemed like the best decision. Grading papers just became fun! 

Proof is needed, such as:
- ID
- Contract
- Certificate
- History of your work / Syllabus


7) Domestic Partnership - Additional Person = + $50/month
Team work makes the Dream work! Available for all memberships. 

Some couples work together and we definitely understand that. Choose any plan and add your partner to your membership for a small fee. We support you supporting each other! 

Proof is needed, such as:

- ID
- Marriage Certificate or License (If married)
- Mail (to show proof of same address) 
- History of the relationship


8) Offices = Small = $650/month , Large = $950/month
Open office space. For Single Occupancy. 

Our offices include a desk and chair of your choice available in our Main Room. You will enjoy high ceilings, privacy and access to our amenities. If you would like to share your office, there is an Additional member fee of $200/month for each added person.