Noam Osband - University of Pennsylvania

[Educators Plan]

 Title: Filmaker/Anthropologist

Originally From: Boston

Background: I'm A Filmmaker who is finishing a documentary on American, Mexican, and Canadian reforestation workers. I'm also a PhD student who's dissertation will be on this documentary.

Passions: Boston Sports, The Grateful Dead, Poetry and Bike Riding!

Jessica Allen - Marfa Live Arts / Butter Beans Kitchen  

[Work Exchange -Thursdays]

Title: Digital Media and Culinary Program Coordinator

Originally From: Dallas/Austin Texas

Background: I manage digital media for a performing arts non-profit in Marfa, Texas, and create Science, Culture and Wellness-Focused cooking classes in NYC.

Passions: I'm passionate about the intersection of Science, Art, and Media. I'm particularly interested in the effects of the human micro-biome on immunity, neurochemicals, and disease. Also, backpacking and anything nature!

Samantha LaBue - Founder, Fledgling Writing Workshops

[Meeting Member]

Title: Fiction Writer and Workshop Leader

Originally From: Born in California, Raised in Colorado

Background: I moved to NYC in 2012 having graduated from Colorado College and since earned my MFA from the Vermont College of Fine Arts, I'm looking to bring a free-spirited writing workshop option to Brooklyn. When not writing my own fiction, I lead a workshop for blind seniors and another for 9 to 12 year olds through the New York Writers Coalition.

Passions: Her project - Fledgling Writing Workshops!

Michael George - Michael George Photography

[Open Desk]

Title: Owner

Originally From: Fort Myers, Florida

Background: A freelance travel/portrait photographer and writer who works with brands and publications such as Adobe, National Geographic, The New York Times, and Amtrak.

Passions: Through my work I strive to tell stories of our common humanity through travel, culture, and the underrepresented. Whether that be through the eyes of modern-day pilgrims in Spain, cowboys in Patagonia, or coffee farmers in Costa Rica!

Christian "CHRIS WISE" Waterman - BlackMarketWares / CHRIS WISE Music

[Small Office]

Title: CEO & Musician

Originally From: Crown Heights, Brooklyn (Ebbets Field)

Background: Hip Hop Artist and Community Activist from Crown Heights Brooklyn. I'm currently the CEO of a Community Youth Organization I AM PEACE Foundation, engaged, teach afterschool, an undergrad from Medgar Evers College and a recent MBA graduate of L.I.U Brooklyn.

Passions: I'm passionate about educating my community, the sacred game of basketball and love!

David Reid - Rutgers University

[Open Desk - Student]

Title: PhD Candidate (almost done!)

Originally From: Toronto, Canada

Background: I'm finishing my dissertation in Mexican History, which examines conflicts over water in 1960s and 1970s Mexico and their relation to authoritarian politics.

Passions: Besides Mexico and History? - Food, books, the great outdoors, and my family!

Jean Fredeling - 3rdeye Brand

[Night Owl]

Title: Designer

Originally From: Flatbush, Brooklyn

Background: I design.

Passions: I am passionate about creating, collaboration, and expressing myself as well as helping others to express theirs through the arts. I focus on fashion because I believes it's a language we can all communicate in!

Houiea LOVE - Self entitled company

[Work Exchange - MINKA]

Title: Multidimensional Healing Artist

Originally From: NYC

Background: As a multidimensional healing artist I offer a set of healing and artistic services that transform the lives of every person I encounter. I offer Numerology, Higherself and Akashic Record readings as well as Reiki Healing and meditation. As an artist, I paint, draw, dance and write to say the least. All the work I do is first an expression of gratitude to the creator for blessing me with such gifts.

Passions: I'm passionate about being of service to the creator and acting as a vessel of LOVE to exemplify the reflection that I am.It brings me great joy to share more and more of myself with the world as the divine sees fit. I am passionate about following my heart in every capacity because I know it leads to more LOVE being shared and more LOVE being experienced on all levels!

Mariam Bazeed - Queen Bee/ Bazeed Industries/ Hunter College

[Work Exchange - Wednesdays]

Title: Self employed / MFA student at Hunter College

Originally From: Egypt

Background: I'm a writer, editor, literary and commercial translator, event curator, singer, performance artist, and cook.

Passions: Pomegranates, writing, and old Arabic music!

Jonathan Friedman - Empire State LLC

[Open Desk]

Title: Real Estate Investor 

Originally From: 

Background: Mostly I flip houses. My goal is to help people (or businesses) who want out of un-or barely marketable properties get out and those who want in to new homes get in. 

Passions: I like to engage my creative instincts by writing and performing improv comedy. I love finding out about what people are interested in and why!

Alex Kotch - Self Employed

[Open Desk]

Title: Independent Investigative Journalist

Originally From: Born in Chapel Hill / Spent numerous years in Durham North Carolina

Background: I write investigative stories on money in politics, education and the environment. Doing my best to expose big political donors, corporate corruption, private donations to higher education and the war on solar energy.

Passions: I'm a musician and lover of electronic music, avid cyclist, yoga buff, independent and foreign film enthusiast, and strong believer in social, economic and racial justice!

Avra Fox-Lerner - Freelance

[Open Desk]

Title: Lighting Technician for Film & T.V  

Originally From: New York / Los Angeles

Background: I am a set lighting technician for Film and T.V here in NYC.

Passions: I'm passionate about all types of art, narrative, and education. I'm also an avid city biker!

Joey Azoulai - Evolution Labs

[Open Desk]

Title: Editorial Director

Originally From: Brooklyn, New York

Background: I manage content creation for an education startup that sells topic libraries on social / emotional / life skills issues to K-12 school districts. We also work with college admissions offices.

Passions: In terms of "mission" type passions, I am very big on youth education and media as well as sustainable agriculture. In general, I love cooking being outdoors, and I get kind of nerdy about DIY projects :) !

Brendan McBride - RPM Development

[Day Packages]

Title: Development VP

Originally From: South Jersey (right near Philadelphia)

Background: I'm an affordable housing developer doing work all over the state of New Jersey. I put together the approvals, financing, and all of the other pieces of the puzzle to develop affordable housing, sometimes on raw land, sometimes adaptive use of old industrial buildings, other times historic renovations.

Passions: I'm passionate about my great family (Wife Miriam and 2 year old lil guy Charlie), biking around BK, messing around on fiddle, cooking, and renovating old houses!

Lucia Di Poi - Tufs University / UCONN

[Open Desk]

Title: Deputy Director

Originally From: Argentina, but moved to Staten Island as a child (lived in Haiti for 5 years working with CLE)

Background: I'm the Deputy Director of a Haitian leadership development foundation that conducts educational, research and communications campaigns with the intention of promoting sustainable socio-economic development projects and policy in Haiti that are rooted in it's own communities, leaders and ideas.

Passions: I'm passionate about international  development and community economic development and policy. As well as, ineffectively training my two dogs - singing, yoga, messing around with aerial acrobatics, exploring Prospect Park and generally getting reacquainted with NY after many years out!